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Evision believes that truely integrated e-commerce can bring more succes to your online B2B business. Based on just five items the succes of integrated e-commerce can be measured. 

Every customer and business relation we talk to is convinced that the approach that we take to B2B ecommerce is unique in the market.

Just recently, we started a new project with an international B2B supplier of office supplies, they choose Evsion just because of these five items.


Read about these five items in our opinion on integrated B2B e-commerce. Our growing B2B customer base chooses Evision on these topics.

B2B Ecommerce integration

We are interested in your B2B e-commerce challenges, so we ask you to leave your contact details, and we will mail you your personal link to the download. 

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Just fill in, and we will send you the link to our opinion on integrated B2B e-commerce.


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