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Your webshop based on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Evision delivers a powerful integrated e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Evision has developed a rich feature e-commerce platform which holds over 200 standard capabilities to realize e-commerce success. Through her architecture we provide a flexible user layer for those last specific topics you want covered in your web shop.

Because of this vision, our e-commerce software enables you to get in the on-line sales business in a matter weeks instead of months.

Evision does not place a performance issue on you NAV installation, and furthermore enables you to be open for on-line business even if your NAV is not.

Extend your Microsoft Dynamics NAV on-line to generate success

You selected NAV because you wanted to keep abreast of the key company figures and everything important. From orders, purchasing patterns, slow moving individual items, the actual inventory, costs and prices. That is also something you want when you open a web shop, and you can with our software to realize in your web shop.

You want to be able to realize an omni-channel commerce solution for your existing and new customers, being B2B or B2C.

How Evision integrates in your NAV setup

We do not use any of your ERP logic to realize your integrated e-commerce solution. Neither do we want to make integration complex or offer you an inflexible solution. We just add some tables in your ERP database, some management forms and our background worker module.

The background worker module ensures that your web shop is always up to date with the most recent ERP data which you decide to use in your web shop/customer portal.

That is all it takes to integrate your web shop with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV setup.

With our integrated e-commerce solution, you will be able to decrease the risk of

  • errors in both systems;
  • incorrect on-line web orders;
  • errors in customer information;
  • wrong stock levels;
  • wrongly priced products.
By decreasing these risks, you profitability will not be at risk and your management cost will be lower. You new e-commerce solution will hold all of these standard features.

With Evision E-Commerce you are able to

  • give your customers the same experience as they had before when they were serviced by your sales team;
  • give your individual customers the same flexibility as key-account customers when placing orders;
  • present your customers on-line the exact same price as when they would call your sales desk.

Security against orders getting lost

Our E-Commerce Engine also secures you from loosing on-line orders when you Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment is temporarily unavailable. Evision stores all orders and saves them until our engine gets a notification from your ERP environment that orders are registered in your ERP.

Stay informed

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