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Choosing the right e-commerce solution; 10-Question checklist

Choosing the right e-commerce solution

choosing e-commerce solution

Choosing the right e-commerce solution is the ultimate test for a successful e-commerce business result.

With year after year growing total revenue through e-commerce, everyone agrees that e-commerce can bring you a lot of revenue and customer loyalty. The investments are lower than when you decide to open a new location in a different region or country.

Would it not be great just to sell your products abroad without having to deal with international sale-locations or shops? Just get the order and ship it to the customer. The financial perks are great.

If it were just that simple it would be great, but the experiences are different.

Failing to choose the right e-commerce solution will cost you customers

Research shows that most online shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of a lack in flexibility when picking or shipping the product. People get disappointed that when they order a product and get later surprised when it is not in stock or the price is different from what the web shop presented.
All kinds of "small" issues with potentially great negative impact, as customers get a bad engaging experience they will leave your web shop and go somewhere else, most likely never to come back again.

In a B-to-B market you will not so easily loose your customer. If your strategy to go e-commerce was to downsize your phone-sales/ordering department and the web shop is different from what your customers were used to, you might not succeed. Your customers will go back to picking up the phone, calling John or Sally and placing their orders by phone. (Oops, John and Sally just relocated to a different department or left the company, what now.)

So choosing the right e-commerce solution is more then you think. Of course we understand that a web shop for a shop in pens is different from a midmarket and up company doing several thousands products and may even rely on day-prices.

10 Questions choosing the right e-commerce

For the latter group of organizations we have set up the "10-Questions" checklist, which you can use when you decide that you need to choose a new e-commerce solution. It helps you phrase your questions for a request for proposal.

  1. Are you using an ERP?
  2. Do you want your e-commerce to be integrated with your ERP?
  3. Is your ERP considered leading in reporting and business processes used?
  4. Do you want the opportunity to reduce manual e-order registration time to zero?
  5. Does your customer want to see updated stock and actual lead and delivery times?
  6. Do you believe that you can improve your online engagement on your present website?
  7. Are the tools you are using for your website capable of realizing online engagement for visitors?
  8. Do you believe that flexibility, robustness, security is important for your online customers?
  9. Are you hoping to increase your sales through online?
  10. Do you want the flexibility to change e-commerce solution partner?

We hope that these 10 Questions will give you a start in choosing the right e-commerce solution. If you want to further discuss, we are happy to take a meeting.

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